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United we stand!

"The silence of the mountains lets us hear the voice of our hearts..."

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Enthusiasm. Ideas. Community.

Save The Alps
was founded to provide the irretrievable Alpine Alm cultural landscape with a strong transnational voice. We are connected across borders and language barriers and exchange ideas intensively. Save The Alps is spreading like wildfire, because everyone who previously felt alone with their problems in the Alps has now found a strong community that stands on solid foundations.

We laid the foundations a long time ago - now we're here!

Our goal is to protect and preserve the Alpine habitats. The cultivation of the alpine pastures not only produces healthy and valuable food. They are also the basis for the recreational effect, tourism and mountain sports.

The intensive work of some lobbyists, supported by millions, has led to an uncontrolled growth of the number of wolves that massively threatens this habitat.

A species that is not threatened is miraculously placed under protection. From the point of view of the lobbyists, everything has to be subject to this – but nobody knows why.

We know and we will tell you.

We take on millions in budget on our opponents' side - money alone isn't everything. We have heart and enthusiasm for our cause and you can't buy that! We are not just farmers, we are lawyers, veterinarians, biologists, mountaineers, and many more.

Anyone who cares about the alpine pastures can join us!

Welcome to our community!


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